All Sins are Created Equal?

Billy Graham once defined a sin as “anything that falls short of Gods will. God is perfect and anything that falls short of that is sin.”

The reason for the saying “all sins are created equal” lies behind the fact that sin separates us from God—whether it be murder, theft, or judgment. And Heaven forbid we go into the more controversial topics of homosexuality and abortion.

Romans 6:23 tells us “for the wages of sin is death”. It does not say “for the wages of murder is death” or “for the wages of homosexuality is death”, it says “for the wages of SIN is death.” And don’t forget that a sin is anything short of Gods perfection. If you haven’t gathered it by now, we are all considered sinners, and no sin will get you into the Kingdom of Heaven without repentance and the good, good grace of our Father!

It’s OK to argue that God has been known to place more severe punishments for the more heinous the sin—we can read about it time and time again in Scripture. But what it all comes down to is that all sin is created equal in the sense that we all get punished, big or small of the sin. The Bible tells us “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” It also tells us “If you’ve committed one sin, you’ve committed them all”. Why is this, do you think? Well, James had no interest in hearing excuses for sins being committed, like is so habitual of our human nature. According to Old Testament Law, just one sin is damming. James describes sin as one “stumble” being cause for a lifetime of insubordinance. The laws we follow do not make up for the ones we break. That is because we are not just sinning against ourselves or others, we are sinning against God Himself, driving a wedge between us and our Creator.

No matter the size of the sin, they all place us in hell apart from Gods saving grace. But, spoiler alert, Jesus saved us from an eternal, fiery death! All He needs from us is to repent of the sins that we are bound to commit and keep your eyes on the prize, guys!



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