You God this, Girl Book


 Are you searching for biblical advice on how to handle the everyday pressures of being a girl after God? No need to look any further girlfriend!

From bullying and self-acceptance to honoring the way you use your body—this how-to guide will help any girl after God navigate the Christian way of living when it comes to handling what life is sure to throw at you. Buckle up and get ready to learn how battling against ones own faults and failures can actually be used for the good. Let go of comparison and rejection so God can do what only He can do in your life–the miraculous. Fight back to societal norms that have made it all-too-easy to turn a blind eye on bad behavior and accept His way for your life as the only way of life. And luckily for us, He has given us a guide book that not only contains the rules we are to live by, but holds personal accounts from our biblical heroes on how things should and should not be dealt with. Get ready to accept yourself as Gods own and know that not a day goes by that He doesn’t have your back.

Author Lisa Dingeman lives in North Dakota with her husband and two children. She enjoys laughing at the little things, that usually aren’t funny at all. She is lovable, laughable and not held liable for her children’s behavior—unless it’s commendable. Lisa believes everybody holds a special quirk that should not be kept hidden from the world.